Broccoli Rabe

Today is a big day for Philadelphian! Eagles won Super Bowl for the time time, and the big parade is happening. The train tickets were all sold out, and people have been in the city since 3 or 4 am to get good spots to see the parade. Estimate 2 million people will be at the parade! My husband stayed at his mom’s place in downtown last night and will see the parade too. I hope he will have a good time.


Often I hate thinking about dinner after a full day of work. When I am so desperate, I buy a few good cuts of steak and just cook on my favorite cast iron pan. We don’t eat red meats all the time, so when I buy, I get a fairly good grade. I would love to buy organic all the time, but unfortunately, it would happen only with a sale price.


When I cook steak during winter time, I use a cast iron pan. It gives a steak juicy yet crispy outcome. When it is warmer outside, I use my grill.

お肉を焼く時は鋳鉄(Cast Iron)のフライパンを使っています。このフライパンの話はまた今度ゆっくり。夏は外でグリルを使いますが、冬は寒くて外に出たくないので、このフライパンが重宝します。これを使うと美味しさ度がかなりアップしますよ。

My favorite condiment for steak is Yuzu Soy Sauce from Igeta Shoyu from Shimane, Japan. I visited the factory when I was at Buyer’s meeting. They make wonderful products.


Last night, we had steak, broccoli rabe (and Japanese rice for me). I use to boil broccoli rabe in a pot first, then sautéed in a frying pan with garlic, etc. My friend told me much better way! Wash veggie and cut up, toss olive oil all over.  Put them on a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Cook in the oven for ten mins or so.  So easy and delicious. You can use a whole pack of broccoli robe. It will shrink in the oven. Try it! So good and nutritious.

昨夜はいとも簡単な夕食、ステーキとブロッコリーラーブ(Broccoli Rabe)。ブロッコリラーブはブロッコリとは違って、ちょっと苦味があり、もっと葉っぱの部分が多い野菜。私はこのスパイシィな野菜が大好き。茎の部分が太いので、以前は調理する時はお湯で湯がいてから、オリーブオイルとニンニクで炒めたりしていたのですが、もっと簡単な方法を友達から教えてもらいました。綺麗に洗ってから、ぶつ切りにして、オリーブオイルでさっと和えてからオーブンに入れて10分くらい焼くと、美味しく食べられます。しかも超簡単。1束全部使ってもオーブンの中で縮小するので大丈夫です。ブロッコリーラーブは抗酸化作用があり栄養価の高い野菜です!




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